American Yacht Club House Rules

Please be familiar with our rules.

I General:
1. No member shall remove club property from the premises without permission of the club Secretary.

2. Members will be held responsible for damage to club property including damages done by their guests.

3. The moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages in the clubhouse and on the porch is allowed only in conjunction with club-sanctioned activities.

4. The consumption of alcoholic beverages on the floats and in the club tenders is strictly prohibited.

5. No private property shall be stored in the clubhouse, on the porch or in the corridor of the locker house.

6. The privileges of the Club are for members and their guests if accompanied by the member.

7. Secure all doors and gates when leaving if the Steward is not present, or after 6:00 PM.

8. Smoking is prohibited in the clubhouse, locker house, on the porch, fuel locker, and on the floats.

9. Dress code requires shirts and shoes to be worn at all time in the Clubhouse, locker area and on the porch.

10. Pets shall be leashed and accompanied by their owners at all times while on the Club grounds. The owners must attend to any droppings. The courtyard is off limits to pets.

11. All children under age of 16 must be accompanied by a regular or life member at all times, or be a participant in a club-sanctioned event.

12. All children under 18 must be accompanied by a regular or life member after sunset.

13. After nine (9) months any dead storage or unused personal property left or stored in the Club House, Locker House hallway, or in the yard may be deemed abandoned by the Executive Committee and will become the property of the A.Y.C. Such property will be disposed of in any manner the Executive Committee deems to be the best advantage of the club. Members shall have no recourse against the Club for restitution or compensation.

14. The club shall not be used for business purposes.

15.  Marijuana possession or consumption,in any form, is not allowed on the American Yacht Club property.