America’s oldest continually operating private yacht club.

The American Yacht Club is America’s oldest continually operating private yacht club. We are located in Newburyport Massachusetts on the Merrimack River, just a short jaunt from the river’s mouth. We operate as a volunteer group and the members participate in the many operations that keep the club vital and the buildings and grounds in excellent condition.

The American Yacht Club is host to many regattas every year, including the Chet Young Regatta and the Rum Run Regatta. Along with these events, the AYC also organizes a sailing school to encourage and educate younger sailors in the techniques and skills of safe sailing.

Sailing School Programs

The American Yacht Club (AYC) has been providing its popular learn to sail programs to Youngsters and Adults in the beautiful Newburyport Harbor for over 60 years.

Over the years, our staff instructors have taught hundreds of kids, families and adults the joy of sailing from our Club House on the banks of the Merrimac in downtown Newburyport.

Our courses are not only instructional, but also great fun, with games and competitions designed to improve boat handling skills attracting students back each year.

We use Hunter 140’s as our primary training boat which provides good stability for our basic and intermediate levels of training and has proven to be a safe and enjoyable platform for the beginner. It also sails well as the student progresses and is sporty enough for the exercise and races we use to develop boat handling skills.

The course size is designed to have either two or three students per boat, depending on age and size. Instructors evaluate students accordingly and follow on our well-equipped chase boat providing direction and for safety.

Bookings for the  2022 season will open in the Spring, to find out more please click on the link below. Meanwhile, we want to thank everyone that sailed with us in 2021!

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