Elected Officers and Committee Heads of the American Yacht Club

Flag Officers

The membership of the American Yacht Club is pleased to recognize the leadership and devotion of these individuals who have chosen to serve both as members and officers of the club:

Commodore: Lee Lane Jr.
Vice Commodore: David J. Sestini
Rear Commodore: Amy Sison
Secretary: Joyce Stoehr
Treasurer: Sue Gallagher
Collector: Homer Shannon
Measurer: Bill Caron

Executive Committee: Liz Novack
Executive Committee: Chris Baker
Executive Committee: Bill Ryan

The officers, in turn, wish to thank the membership for their trust and assistance in governing the club in a truly democratic way.

Committee Heads

House Committee: P/C David W. Hewey
Yard Committee: Sean King
Mooring Committee: Dean Jewett/Graham McKay
Sailing School: Graham Sharp
Activities Committee: Joe Giarusso
Entertainment Committee: Jane Hubbard
Landscape Committee: Peter Mertinooke
Membership Committee: Paul Lemaitre
Tender Committee: John Weir/Mike Fogarty
Sailorgram: David Lyman
Regatta Committee: Nat Coughlin
Webmaster: Jim Grenier

The committee heads wish to thank their committee members for their invaluable assistance.

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