The American Yacht Club Mooring Field

Member-maintained to the highest standards

Our mooring field holds about 150 member boats and covers approximately 2.5 acres, totaled. We have moorings in Newburyport as well as Salisbury.

The AYC’s most active committee is probably our Mooring Committee, which is responsible for the inspection, recommendation and replacement of worn fittings, chains, line, etc. This is all done to standards set by the mooring committee, based on sound mooring standards, as well as local experience in relationship to well-known river conditions and currents.

All moorings are granite blocks. Mushroom-style moorings are unsuitable for this river.

Member moorings are assigned as they are made available. A new member may have to wait a year or more to be assigned a mooring. That being said, the Mooring Committee does all within its power to accommodate every member in need of one.

Members currently own their mooring, paying for its cost up front. As moorings become vacated, the Mooring Committee acts as the sale broker between parties, at a zero-commision basis.

All moorings are on individual maintenance schedules recommended by the Mooring Committee. This simply means that each mooring is inspected and materials replaced on a specific schedule. The mooring owner is responsible for all maintenance costs, including up-and-down, costs of chains, shackles, and other hardware. The mooring owner is required to maintain everything above the top chain: mooring floats, pickups, pennants, etc.