Summer Sailing Scholarships

For 2021 the AYC is offering three scholarships to youngsters aged 9-17 who may otherwise not be able to afford to attend. Each scholarship covers the full cost of one week’s morning or afternoon course for one student.

Two of these scholarships are made possible by Charles W. “Pete” Morse, Jr. an avid sailor and AYC member who passed away in 2016. The third is made possible by Dave Tesar and Donna George.


To apply for a scholarship, please send us a short letter, including your name and your birth date, as well as the details of your parent or guardian.

Then write a short essay (or explanation) of 250 words or less, in your own words, on the theme:

“Why would you like to attend sailing school and why do you want to learn to sail?”

Write whatever you feel best describes why you’d like to be included in our program. We are looking for who you are and what you will do with this new skill. Please keep it short, no more than 250 words.

The selected students must meet all criteria for admittance, including the requisite forms submitted prior to the selected program.

Please send your letter and essay by email to: