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Registration for day classes are for students ages 9 to 17.

Basic/Intermediate Sailing Instruction

Beginners will have a safe, fun sailing experience while learning the basics of sailing theory and skills. Novice and younger sailors will learn the basics of rigging, boat handling, and safety.

Students will improve on their basic skills and build confidence on the water. Instructors will keep students challenged while still focusing on fun and safety on the water. Students will become more independent sailors.

Instruction levels are combined. However, instructors will assess a student’s experience and group them with others with like skills and provide all with a challenging program.

Student Information

Students are asked to dress appropriately for the conditions of the day and wear closed-toe non-skid shoes that may get wet. Bring sunglasses, croakies to hold on glasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, water bottle, hat and clip to hold it on and a rain jacket. To ensure the safety of the children, please be advised that we require that all students be picked up and dropped off no more than 15 minutes from the start or finish of the classes.

There will be a mandatory parents meeting at the start of class for each session. This 10-minute meeting will familiarize the parents and/or guardians with the syllabus of the course, rules for student’s behavior, and general information sharing. A medical form, photo release, and swim test will be required before the start of school.

The registration fee is $200/week for non-members and a 10% discount for members (4th of July week is $160 with no school on the holiday). Payment should be sent at the time of registration. When booking online, the required forms will be available to you when registration is confirmed. These forms must be returned before class begins. Be aware there is a $50 non-refundable fee.

Two ways to register:

1) Register online and scan/email required forms.  If you are booking online, forms may be emailed to

Book Online: Register and pay online for a course.

2) Register by U.S. Mail: Please mail the completed registration, forms, and payment to the below address.

American Yacht Club Sailing Program
Attn: Sailing School
P.O. Box 1360
Newburyport, MA 01950

Attn: 2019 Registration

Inquiries may be sent to