The Process of Reciprocity

The Process of Reciprocity]Yacht Club Reciprocity is defined as “A network of Yacht Clubs in agreement for the mutual exchange of privileges within that specific group of clubs.

The American Yacht Club has reciprocal privilege agreements with many yacht clubs throughout New England and beyond. Although the extent of privileges may vary slightly, generally, an AYC yachtsman can expect to be allowed to use all of the welcoming clubs’ available facilities and services, including short-term berthing, meal and bar service, heads and showers, etc.

Typically, a yachtsman can stop at a yacht club along his/her trip, and if the club visited has a reciprocity agreement with his club he can stay. If not, the yachtsman can request reciprocity. Normally, that is all that is needed for the yachtsman to stay. The host club will mail to the visiting yachtsman’s club a formal request for reciprocity with that club. Sometimes the visiting yachtsman will have extra burgees and exchange them on the spot.

Some clubs charge for the first night’s berthing, others do not, and it seldom matters whether you come by boat or car. Some yacht clubs limit their reciprocal privileges to those coming by boat. It is always prudent to call ahead to let them know you’re coming as well as to determine what services are available.

The American Yacht Club monitors VHF Channel 72

or the phone number is:


Although some clubs will be happy to send mooring, meal, or service bills to the visitor’s club for settlement, the AYC does not provide for the administration of such fees. Therefore, the visitor must settle all personal charges and bills with the American Yacht Club on the spot.

Download the AYC’s complete Reciprocal Privileges Policy .  (PDF)