Yard Storage


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If you wish to store your sail, motor or paddle powered boat, mast or lobster pots in the yard at the AYC for either Summer or Winter please select the correct option and the length above, fill out the application form and remit the appropriate fee.

Cruising Boats Dinghies under 12 feet – do not need to fill out an application

Yard Storage is for members who actively launch their boat at the AYC ramp and is not permitted for boats that have been issued an AYC mooring or should not be used as long-term storage of non-active vessels.

This rule will be strictly enforced through the issuance of an additional dead storage fee of $300.  Storage of empty trailers is prohibited.

Summer Storage runs from June 1 to Oct 30th, and Winter Storage from Nov 1st to May 30th and is available to members only.

All vessels stored in the yard must have an active AYC storage sticker affixed to its trailer/dolly (if stored on the rack it must be affixed directly to the vessel’s outer hull).  A storage sticker must also be affixed to any mast/boom or lobster trap (on pallet) stored in the yard.

In addition, an ID sticker with the owner’s name and phone number (filled out using a permanent marker) must be affixed to all vessels and items stored in the yard, including dinghies.  ID stickers and a paint pen are available outside the steward’s office.  Please check your sticker to make sure it has not faded and is still legible.

We will do our best to accommodate everyone, but space is limited.  We will again be utilizing multiple storage rows, which means that boats will need to be moved often by other club members.

After your form and payment have been processed an active storage sticker will be available in the steward’s office.

Please note that a separate transaction is required for each boat.