Private Instructions

New Login Instructions

On the new site the member login has changed. Now your login is based on your name but constructed in what is known in tech circles as “camel case.”

  • Your new username will look like “JoeSample,” where your first name and last name are combined into a single word and with the first initial of each capitalized. 90% of members will not have any problem if they try both their actual first name and last name or their shortened first name and last name. For example, the username for Joseph Sample might be either “JosephSample” or “JoeSample.” Do not use punctuation in your username. try several different configurations.
  • If you are a”Junior” or a “III” or “IV” you should try adding that to your login. Examples are “JoeSampleJr” or “JoeSample3”
  • Currently, you will use the universal password “AYC20182248” which is similar to the one used to access the private area on the previous web site. After you login, you will see a page called “Account.” Select the link “edit your password and account details” and you can make changes to your name, email address, and password. Because another member can easily guess your username I highly recommend you change your password to a personal password in order to protect your information. You can not change your username.

If you run into any issues, contact me at and I’ll try to help you out.

Once You are Logged In

On the left side of the page you’ll see a list:

  • This is your “Home Page within the members’ area.
  • If you have purchased anything from the Store you can see a purchase history
  • This does not reflect the downloads from the Private page. This will be linked to any downloads we may make in the future from the Store.
  • this will prompt you for a Billing Address. If you log in and order something from the Store this will be on the order form.
  • Account Details. Takes you to the same page where you can change your name, email, and password
  • closes the private members’ area.

The Private Area

Once you are logged in, you will see under the top navigation “Log in” a link for “Members Only.” Selecting “Member Downloads” takes you to a “Private” page. There are several boxes with blue + and – symbols. Clicking on a + expands a section and contracts another. This allows us to keep a great many PDFs easy to find and easy to access from on spot. Some sections have no content but may in the future.

The link for “Sign Up Forms” will take you to a page where a possible list of signup sheets may be waiting. You simply select an event where volunteers are being requested and add your name in the descriptive section. The person creating the form will list what is needed and how many people are requested for a given task. There are currently no signup sheets, but as events are added to the club calendar you will be asked to head back to this section and volunteer. Members with administrative access will create their own signup sheets.

Admin Access

Our plan is to provide varying levels of access to the Administration Panel for committee heads or their assignees. We will also have multiple persons capable of full Webmaster abilities in case I’m not available. The Executive Board will assign all Administration access levels. If you think you will need the ability to make edits, add to the event calendar, or create signup sheets, etc. please let the Executive Board know. I expect to help train anyone on how the Administrative Panel works.