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Typical Events

Club events are relegated to our club members and invited guests unless otherwise specified. To become a member or get more information, please go to our membership page. These activities are not open to the public but if you would like to meet club members and see and hear what the club is all about, getting invited to an event is a great way to start.

The Entertainment Committee is in charge of scheduling, organizing and running our major events and of providing food and meals during work parties. This wonderful group of volunteers ensures that AYC members have multiple opportunities to connect and socialize, throughout the year.

In addition to our major events, the club also has many smaller events held on weekdays throughout the club season. Many of these events, including some cruises are organized and supervised by the Activities Committee.

Our confirmed major events and weekday activities are available on our events calendar. We will continue to post additional events as they develop and are scheduled. Typical activities include potluck dinners, themed parties, seminars, movie nights and cruises.

Our activities are all organized and run by volunteers and are a great way to meet and socialize with other club members and their guests. Open to all AYC members, these activities are usually free, though occasionally there may be a small fee or a donation requested to help defray costs. The larger events, races, and dinners often require a fee of some sort.

Events Schedule for 2019 – Please check our events calendar.

We’re bringing back some annual favorites as well as some new ideas to try out. If you are a member or in the family of a member and have more ideas for events, contact the Activities Committee chairperson and make your suggestion. All committees are always looking for help in organizing and running its planned events and is one of the easiest ways to get involved with the club.

Our Events schedule changes often, so always check back often.