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Halftide Rocks


Welcome Guests!

The American Yacht Club welcomes you to historic Newburyport

The club welcomes visitors from other yacht clubs throughout the USA, Canada and the world.

We request a minimum 24 hour notification of your expected arrival. Moorings, as in most crowded seaports, are always at a premium, but we will do our best to acommodate you.

Deep water moorings are difficult to plan on and most of our mooring field is in relatively shallow water. For smaller vessels we can usually be acommodating on very short notice, but deep-draft vessels and vessels over 50 feet, we may need to refer to other commercial facilities further upriver.

As a rule, the AYC makes every effort to allow you to use one of our guest moorings near our facilities, though members also have moorings across the channel.

We do not have slips, and docking is limited to short intervals only. Please call for more details about our docks and float policies, or read our policies page.

We also recommend you provide your own dinghy or tender, as our launch service generally operates during daylight hours. Stewards are also available to you during daylight hours to assist you. Stewards monitor VHF Channel 72.

Our Facilities

With amenities that will bring you back in time to an earlier era.

Though we take great pride in our clubhouse and locker building, you will find it isn't as fancy and modern as many yacht clubs you may encounter.

Guest Privileges

1. Reciprocal privileges shall include the priority right to reserve and rent a guest mooring at the current club rate.
2.Each visiting yacht will be limited to a two-week stay.

Launch Service.
1.Our launch service is available to all visiting yachtsmen. Call ahead for stewards’ hours.
2.AYC tenders are not available for use by visiting yachtsmen. Please bring your tender if you require of hours transportation to and from the mooring.

1.The use of heads and shower in the locker house will be extended to visiting yachtsmen during Stewards’ hours. A locker house key deposit is required for after hour’s use.
2.Parking is available to visiting yachtsmen, as long as AYC members are not inconvenienced. Parking is available outside the club gate; however, the gate will be locked after Stewards hours.

When the Race Committee hosts a club-sanctioned regatta, boats registered in the event are granted full reciprocal privileges for the duration of the event. Racers may reserve moorings in advance. Those who do not make reservations will be accommodated on a first come-first serve basis, subject to availability.

Please respect our buildings, grounds and members

Be prepared to be treated as a member, not a guest. AYC House Rules will apply to guests. These are posted outside near the Steward’s Office.

1. No member shall remove club property from the premises without permission of the club Secretary.
2.Members will be held responsible for damage to club property including damages done by their guests.
3. The moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages in the clubhouse and on the porch is allowed only in conjunction with club-sanctioned activities.
4.The consumption of alcoholic beverages on the floats and in the club tenders is strictly prohibited.
5. No private property shall be stored in the clubhouse, on the porch or in the corridor of the locker house.
6.The privileges of the Club are for members and their guests if accompanied by the member.
7.Secure all doors and gates when leaving if the Steward is not present, or after 6:00 PM.
8.Smoking is prohibited in the clubhouse, locker house, on the porch and on the floats.
9.Dress code requires shirts and shoes to be worn at all time in the Clubhouse, locker area and on the porch.
10.Pets shall be restrained or leashed by their owners at all times while on the Club grounds. The owners must attend to any droppings.

The Process of Reciprocity:

Yacht Club Reciprocity is defined as “A network of Yacht Clubs in agreement for the mutual exchange of privileges within that specific group of clubs.” The American Yacht Club has reciprocal privilege agreements with many Yacht Clubs throughout New England and beyond. Although the extent of privileges may vary slightly, generally, an AYC yachtsman can expect to be allowed to use all of the welcoming clubs’ available facilities and services, including short term berthing, meal and bar service, heads and showers, etc.

Typically, a yachtsman can stop at a Yacht Club along his trip, and if the club visited has a reciprocity agreement with his club he can stay. If not, the yachtsman can request reciprocity. Normally, that is all that is needed for the yachtsman to stay. The host club will mail to the visiting yachtsman’s club a formal request for reciprocity with that club. Sometimes the visiting yachtsman will have extra burgees and exchange them on the spot.

Some clubs charge for the first night's berthing, others do not, and it seldom matters whether you come by boat or car. Some Yacht Clubs limit their reciprocal privileges to those coming by boat. It is always prudent to call ahead to let them know you’re coming as well as to determine what services are available. The American Yacht Club monitors VHF Channel 72, or the phone number is: 978.465.9053. Although some clubs will be happy to send mooring, meal, or service bills to the visitor’s Club for settlement, the AYC does not provide for the administration of such fees. Therefore, the visitor must settle all personal charges and bills with the visited Yacht Club on the spot.

Download the AYC's complete Reciprocal Privileges Policy .

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