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Friendship and Volunteering

A self-supporting club where members take responsibility

The AYC is a democratic organization. We have a constitution, by-laws, house rules, yard policy, and mooring policies. These guidelines help provide order and guidance for how decisions are made. All members are equally responsible for following the rules. No one has special privileges, and the rules apply equally to all members regardless of their level of contribution to the Club. All members are also equally empowered to propose changes, but any rule change requires a vote of Club members. The same is true for physical changes to the clubhouse and grounds. Any need for improvements or changes should be brought to the Executive Committee, which then brings the issue to the membership. The Executive Committee manages the Club within the guidelines to which members agree.

Our form of self-governance and our common bond are a large part of what makes us different from marinas. As members we feel are part of a club, we share a common interest in boating, and we agree to follow a shared set of rules. These rules and the democratic process allow us to operate the Club, manage change, and resolve disputes like ladies and gentlemen.

Our operating principle is one of respect for fellow members, the Club rules, and the Club itself. The American Yacht Club is not about individuals, and it is not defined by individuals. The American Yacht Club is about all of its members. And it is defined by tradition, our heritage, and a common bond built around yachting.

The Place to Be

Racing, cruising, power or sail

The AYC is the place to be in the summer. We see this in the attendance of more than a hundred people at major social activities. We see this in the large turnouts on the water for the one-design (Laser and Lightning) and PHRF races. We see it in the nearly sold-out sign-ups for our sailing school.

Similarly, the Club serves as a launching point for members reaching beyond our home waters. The dusty cars in the parking lot and empty moorings bear witness to members who are off cruising. Several members regularly race to Bermuda, Halifax, and elsewhere. The Lightnings and Lasers travel to distant regattas. Many AYC boats have wintered in the Caribbean and even the Mediterranean. The Club has also hosted an invitational regatta to raise money to battle cancer.

Perhaps the most telling sign of what make this Club so great is the informal gathering of folks on the deck overlooking the water to socialize, watch the boats and races, and share the natural beauty of the Club's setting.

And Good Times in the Clubhouse

Annual and special events throughout the year

The get-acquainted party is held in June for new members and old members alike to reconnect.

Fourth of July party

The Mount Gay / Leukemia Cup Regatta is held the first week of August to help raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We have lots of fun auctioning off all sorts of items after the race. In fact, over the years, the American Yacht Club has raised and donated tens of thousands of dollars in support of this great charity.

The Merrimack River Regatta and party are held annually to coincide with Newburyport's Yankee Homecoming celebration. This is a two-day regatta and dinner on Saturday night, followed by the Yankee Homecoming fireworks.

The Chet Young Regatta and spaghetti dinner are held annually late in the season.

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